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Cleaning Services on Long Island

Newly Established in 2016

Serving Long Island


    If your looking for cleaning services on Long Island then look no further. Momma's Boy Cleaning Service is a small family run business from Merrick, NY. Owner and operator, Matthew Cosentino grew up in a warm home environment and is motivated and passionate  about helping create that same warm feeling in your home.

   At Momma's Boy we strive to provide a thorough, detail oriented cleaning at an affordable price. We offer an array of services all geared towards making your home, restaurant, or office, the cleanest, most efficient and ascetically pleasing it could be. We specialize in residential cleaning. A clean and organized home is essential in todays world. By making your house more efficient, you're creating an easier life for yourself, saving on cleaning costs, and increasing your happiness and quality of life.

   At Momma's Boy we pride ourselves on our customer service. We listen and work for you to get your house looking and feeling the way you desire. With our knowledge, passion, and low prices its easy to see why more and more people are choosing Momma's Boy. You can rest assured. Here at Momma's Boy, "We Learned From The Best"!

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