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Cleaning Staff

Our Mission

Our mission at Momma's Boy Cleaning Service, Inc. is to provide a premium cleaning service at a fair price while standing by the highest code of ethics. We are hard working. We are reliable.

# 1 in Customer Service

We are a small, family run business. Owner and operator, Matt Cosentino works alongside his Father, Dante Cosentino and their amazing staff. And who can forget Momma. The inspiration for this business. Momma helps with many behind the scenes work and is where Owner and operator Matt Cosentino learned how to clean...."We learned from the best! We are a tight nit bunch and customers can rest assured when anyone from “Momma’s” family is cleaning in there home. 


Matt Cosentino

Owner and Operator 

I truly enjoy being in my own home. Its a comfortable feeling. some say they feel like they are the , “king of their castle”. One’s home should be comfortable, safe, clean, and help provide inspiration and creativity in its inhabitants. For some of us we just don’t have time to create this sort of environment and others may have let it fall to the way side due to depression or some physical health issue. I enjoy meeting new people, being invited into their homes, and helping transform their place into something special. I enjoy rearranging the layout of my home, making upgrades regarding aesthetics, and cleaning and maintaining my prized possessions. I am detail oriented and a lover of the arts. I get great joy in beauty, in all its forms. There is beauty all around us and its our job to appreciate it and create it, not destroy or neglect it. I realize at times that "life happens",  as it has happened to me in the past. We all have a story and we all fall off “the path” at some point. We all need a little help. Please allow me to help you feel more comfortable in your castle. Like the Beatles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. 

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